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Are You Really Serious About Personal Development in 2018?

We can talk about how lit 2018 is going to be from now till tomorrow, but talk is cheap. Unless we take deliberate steps, 2018 will not be significantly better than 2017. In fact, “Happy New Year” begins now.

If you’re really serious about developing yourself, there is one commitment you must make and keep.

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Will You Invest in Your Greatest Asset in 2017?

Your greatest asset is not any of the material things you’ve acquired; your greatest asset is you. That’s why it’s such a waste to try to live someone else’s life. And that’s why you need to invest the most in you this year.

There’s only one you. Nobody can do “you” like you can. When you let that sink in, you have to decide what you’re going to do with it.

We’re facing challenging times as a nation, and the best thing you can do is fortify yourself. Read more…

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The Secret You Need For A Successful Hustle

At first I thought it was weird. Like, come on! You can’t be serious? That’s creepy! Then I started looking around and observing people who were really successful at what they were doing; the ones who were headed for the top. I realised that they all had one thing in common. They were obsessed with their hustle. Read more…

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Attend This Free, Life-Changing Seminar From Your Home!

If you have ever wanted badly to succeed in life, this seminar is for you. Find two hours to invest in YOU. It’s free, and lord knows I would have paid for the experience.

“How do people become significant? How does one person despite all the limitations of environment and even seeming genetic limitation, how do they get to be great and influential and famous? How do people begin to build influence in the world? How can one man control millions of people? How can one woman have influence on generations?”

Father, save me from myself and let me be all you created me to be!