Baby Step 7: Ditching Ponds Powder

I gave up compact powder and foundation because it stains my baby when I’m snuggling and kissing him- which I steal out of my home office to do very often during the day. I’ve been using the pink Ponds Powder, and I think that’s what is making me dark.

So I’m doing the unthinkable; going without any powder whatsoever, all day.

However I will still have to get powder for events, and church on Sunday. I’m thinking of my first love, Black Opal. It rose in my esteem in 2005 when I saw it sitting on the very smooth, fair skin of my pastor’s beautiful wife. Since then I’ve tried Tara, and I’ve also used Sleek.  I still think Black Opal is awesome. This time though, I’ll be going for loose powder instead of compact.

What’s your favourite powder?