The Uncompleted Book Journey

A most embarrassing thing has happened to me- I’ve been reading ONE book for over 2 months! All the while I thought it was me; that I had lost my inner reader or that I was giving priority to other things instead of my reading, which is essential to my well being both as a person and as a writer.

After 2 months of struggling and a pile of over 10 books waiting to be read, I realised the problem isn’t me. The problem isn’t even the television. The problem is this particular book, Eat Pray Love. I started enthusiastically, with such high hopes and a plan to finish the book before August 14th when the movie hit the cinemas, and then somewhere in the middle, it began to drag unbearably.

I’ve decided to do what I should have done a long time ago; drop it and pick up one of the other books. I always felt a sense of failure whenever I found myself unable to finish a book, something which has happened to me twice, with Coming Home and Wanderlust, both by Danielle Steele.

I now accept that this is not my fault. It is not my lack of patience or willpower, neither has my love of reading waned. It just means that the book in question and Joy Edoriagba are not meant to be.

I will now start reading Marian Keyes’ Under the Duvet. Wish me luck!


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