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Joysuo: Is Your Marriage On Auto Pilot?

Are you working your marriage, or are you expecting it to just work? Keeping a marriage healthy and beautiful is not just a wife’s job- it takes two, husband and wife.

You wake up, go through your morning routine, go to work, come back home exhausted, eat and fall asleep. Every day. Continue like this and you’ll land in a counsellor’s office, if not divorce court, in no time.

People think it is love that sustains marriage but that’s not true. It is commitment and understanding. How can you understand your partner if you don’t take time to study them?

If you don’t spend time and energy keeping the marriage now, you’ll spend it answering loved ones’  arranging child custody and visitation, dividing property…ugh. Divorce is more stress, believe.

You have to find what nourishes your marriage, and feed it. Spend time together gisting and laughing. Spend time together addressing serious issues like adults, without quarreling and fighting. Don’t just have sex, make love. Be mentally, emotionally and physically present and involved. There’s a reason it’s called knowing- know each other intimately. Make plans together, pray together. Couples don’t naturally grow together; they grow apart, that’s the default. That’s why you must make conscious effort to grow together.

Auto pilot is for aircrafts, not for marriage. Steer your marriage.


1 thought on “Joysuo: Is Your Marriage On Auto Pilot?”

  1. Wow! Apt and straight to the point! I believe we need to apply this same mindset in every area of our lives. Thanks for this write up. Hope u don’t mind ‘cos i am sharing this.

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